Aikuisten lelukauppa is the world-famous sex toy store in Helsinki!

A picture of the facade of Aikuisten lelukauppa in Helsinki, Finland

"Of all sexual aberrations chastity is the strangest"

Aikuisten lelukauppa (Finnish for Adult Toy Store) is a world famous sex shop in Helsinki, Finland. Our cozy and highly professional store is located in Kallio neighborhood (view in Google Maps). Welcome!

You might have seen Ville Valo wearing one of our T shirts on HIM's Bleed Well music video. We are now proud to announce that these Aikuisten lelukauppa T shirts are now available at our web store. Click here to get yours!

In addition to sex toys, we also sell HIM merchandise including Heartagram products, leather bracelets and whips. The transactions are handled through PayPal for your convenience.

Welcome to Aikuisten lelukauppa!